Scanjet Bio 10 rotary jet head


The Bio 10 rotary jet head is a hygienic tank cleaning machine that provides 360° coverage within the tank or other vessel. Being self-powered by the flow of the fluid through the inlet cone of the machine, the jet length and impact force of the Bio 10 can be controlled by the pressure and flow of the cleaning fluid.

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Key Features
+ Self-cleaning
+ Low consumption of cleaning medium
+ Hygienic design
+ Powered entirely by the fluid flow

Typical Applications
+ Fermenters
+ Storage tanks
+ Mash tuns and other heating vessels
+ Yeast propagators
+ Transport tankers
+ Process vessels and reactors

Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg

4 x Ø4.0mm nozzles, 4 x Ø4.5mm nozzles, 4 x Ø5.5mm nozzles

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