Scanjet Bio 5SB rotary spray head


Bio 5SB is our mid-size Rotary Spray Head (RSH), available with different connection options (thread, clip-on, weld-on).

The clip-on and weld-on models are available with 3A-certification for hygienic applications.

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Key Features
+ Rotating spray
+ 360 degree spiral cleaning
+ Ideal for small tanks
+ Low pressure
+ Low volume

Typical Applications
+ Mixing vessels
+ Reactors
+ Yeast tanks
+ IBC’s
+ Barrel cleaning
+ Smaller beverage tanks
+ Headboxes


Read more on our main website, where you can also download the data sheet.

Additional information


THREAD — ¾" BSP thread female, THREAD — ¾" NPT thread female, CLIP-ON — 1" ISO clip-on (Ø25.3 ID) 3A-cert, CLIP-ON — 1" US clip-on (Ø25.6 ID), CLIP-ON — 1" US clip-on (Ø25.6 ID) 3A-cert, WELD-ON — 1" weld-on (Ø25.0 OD) 3A-cert, WELD-ON — 1" weld-on DIN 11866-C 3A-cert

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